Hendrick’s Gin Returns to Nuit Blanche Toronto

By Joe Teng

Nuit Blanche Toronto is back! And gin favourites and event sponsors Hendrick’s Gin is bringing with them a spectacular multi-sensory, all night experience that’s not to be missed.

On Saturday, September 29th from 7pm-7am, Hendrick’s Gin will be inflating there in credible, whopping 65 ft LEVITATRE (Levitating, Elevating, Voluminous, Illuminating, Tantalizing, Amazingly, Towering, Roaming, Eye) to take to the sky, providing guests the chance to see Ontario’s largest city in all its stunning glory.

“Hendrick’s is a gin that cultivates the unusual,” says Beth-Anne Perry, Senior National Brand Manager, Hendrick’s Gin. “Bringing the spectacular world of Hendrick’s Gin to life with our LEVITATRE experience at City Hall allows us to engage our guests in a whimsically magnificent way. We are thrilled to be back in Toronto for our second year in a row and look forward to celebrating the wonder of Nuit Blanche Toronto with the over one million Canadians who come out to enjoy it each year.”

Magic and Wonderment

Hendrick’s Gin will also unveil its unusual CORGAN for the first time on City Hall grounds. The CORGAN – Cucumber Organ of Remarkably Glorious Auditory Nirvana – is a highly unique and wonderful piece of craftsmanship that uses real, whole pieces of cucumber to produce  glorious and sublime sonnets of sound.

The magic gets even wilder with the highly regarded Terri Lynne Decker who climbs on board the LEVITATRE to provide golden ticket holders special ‘energy readings’ as part of the fun.

“A Hendrick’s Gin soiree is always a spectacle of surprise,” adds Alvin Ramchurn, National Brand Ambassador, Hendrick’s Gin. “We pride ourselves on being purveyors of the peculiar and the LEVITATRE shall be no exception. We look forward to bewildering our lovely guests!”

Win a Golden Ticket

For a chance to experience this unique event, guests must possess a pair of the event’s highly coveted golden tickets. But fear not, there are many opportunities and places to get your hands on them (so long as you’re aged 19 or older).

There are in fact three ways you can boost your chance of winning one of these coveted tickets:

  • Enter online at hendricksgin.com/balloon
  • Visit any of Toronto’s participating bars and order a Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic (valid until September 21st), including Bacchanal, Civil Liberties, Drake Commissary, Founder, and The Drake Hotel, to name but a few
  • Enter onsite: For those attending Nuit Blanche Toronto, visit the Hendrick’s Gin departure lounge and enter to be given the chance to fly.

Have fun!


Contributor Joe Teng, aka ‘FoodPunk Joe’, is a London-based food critic on a mission to showcase the city’s best cuisine, from fine dining restaurants to food markets. You can follow his adventures at https://foodpunkjoe.wordpress.com/